Yoga retreat at an ashram


From the 18th to the 25th February 2023





Yoga retreat at an ashram


From the  18th to the 25th of February 2023





Do you practice yoga and want to go one step further?

We offer you a unique experience.

A stay in an ashram in India, with the renowned yoga teacher Bhoomaji Chaitanya along with other teachers with extensive experience in Ayurveda and yoga philosophy.

In addition, near the ashram you have a beach to spend your free time if you feel like it.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to have a yoga experience in an ashram in India.

You wake up for your first class of meditation, yoga, asanas and pranayama, accompanied by the sounds of nature from this place that seems enchanted. The calm and at the same time energetic voice of the master Bhoomaji will guide you on this journey inward. Silvia translates everything into Spanish, don’t worry about the language.

The sun begins to warm a day that will be full of colors and smells of the most varied spices. Your senses are awakened.

You are in Kunnumpara Ashram, in the southern Indian state of Kerala.

It is the beginning of a new day that you will use between yoga classes, philosophy, ayurveda, kirtans and you also have time for yourself.

You can read, take a walk around the ashram and its surroundings, give yourself an Ayurveda massage or take a tuk tuk that in 4 minutes will take you to the town of Kovalam. There you will find a beach, tourist shops and local and western restaurants where you can have a good chai, the typical Indian drink made of spiced tea and milk or your western-style coffee if you wish.

The following hatha yoga and pranayama class will accompany you towards the end of the day, when the sunset turns India red and orange.

From the terrace, where we will do yoga every day, the atmosphere is magical, of pure peace and harmony with nature.

We are next to the Kunnumpara temple, which you can visit daily if you want, where you will often hear the sound of the bells used in ceremonies and prayers.

You are surrounded by green, on all sides there are fruit trees, medicinal plants and you can even come across the peacocks that inhabit this place, while you go from the yoga room to the dining room or to the rooms.

Your journey has just begun.

Retiro de yoga maestro indio India
retiro de yoga en india
retiro de yoga en la india

Master Bhoomaji personally takes great care of this place, especially the garden where the plants that grow are medicine for the body.

Medical expert Siddha believes that food is a fundamental factor in reaching peace of soul.

Only organic food is eaten at the ashram, and most of the food comes from the ashram’s garden. It is sattvic food, which induces mental calm, healthy, vegetarian, very tasty.

It is an ashram experience that can be transformative. You will live with yoga, although at your own pace, without any stress following the leisurely rhythms of the ashram with the freedom to come and go as you please.

This is what you were looking for, time for yourself, healing in body and soul, absolute peace.

Retiro de yoga en Tailandia

Tell me, is this you?

– You have been very tired for a season and you want a change.

– You need time for yourself, you have been wanting it for a long time.

– You want to live a unique experience.

– You like to do yoga and you know that you feel great.

– You want to delve deeper into yoga and meditation to help you connect with yourself.

– You like to travel and live inspiring experiences.

– You are interested in learning about other cultures.

– You are interested in traveling in a sustainable way.

– You really like the idea of ​​staying in an ashram.


If you feel identified with the above statements, this trip is specially designed for you.


Meet Bhooma Chaitanya

Bhoomaji entered the monastic, spiritual and renunciation life at the age of 18. After seven years of studies in the Sanskrit language of Yoga scriptures at Sivagiri Math, he moved to Sivananda’s ashram for an intense practice of Yoga and pranayama, as well as selflessly  serving the ashram in various tasks.

He completed the 200-hour teacher training and the 300-hour advanced course in 1996, plus he has done 5 intensive sadhanas since then, his personal practice book is the Hatha Yoga Pradipika.

Bhoomaji immersed himself in the life of a sadhu for 1 year making the pilgrimage to the holy places of India and lived in a cave in Gangotri, where the source of the Ganges is located for 5 months, performing intensive pranayama sadhanas and meditation.

He studied Siddha medicine and marma points at the Rajkumar ashram. In 2002 he left the ashram and started teaching Yoga.

He settled in Dharamshala, in northern India, where he founded Aarsha Yoga Vidya Peetham, known online as Yoga India Meditation. He is registered as an expert teacher with the Yoga Alliance.

He currently offers teacher training at the Kunnumpara ashram where he has opened his permanent school.

Bhoomaji makes an annual tour offering masterclasses and conferences in different parts of the world such as Japan, France, Bulgaria, Spain, Denmark, Germany, Belgium, Greece, Guatemala and Honduras. He is appreciated for his charismatic, simple personality and his Yogic energy. His life totally dedicated to Yoga on and off the mat make him a true inspiration and unique teacher.

“Being Happy from inside out is the true purpose of Yoga”


Hatha Yoga Asanas: One of the fundamental principles of yoga philosophy is Ahimsa, non-violence. Therefore, no specific level is required for the asana classes, each one will follow as dictated by their vital moment and their body.

Master Bhoomaji will be taking care of you with all his experience. Don’t worry about anything, just let yourself go.

The yoga style adopted is the Sivananda method, a respectful hatha yoga series towards the practitioner but also very energetic. The asanas will cleanse your body of physical and mental impurities and you will be more likely to calm down to enjoy a good end-of-session pranayama. Time flies in these sessions and you will slowly and amazingly see your evolution on a physical level during the asanas in just one week of constant practice.

The meditations will be guided by Silvia. We have two wonderful nature meditation sites within the ashram itself.

Yoga is composed of 4 paths: Bhakti yoga (the yoga of devotion), Jnana Yoga (the yoga of knowledge), hatha yoga (physical yoga practices) and Karma Yoga (the yoga of action). During this week we will practice Yoga completely.

Yoga Philosophy: A qualified teacher with years of experience in teaching yoga will introduce you to various topics of Vedanta philosophy. It is a very old philosophy and still widely studied throughout the world. Whether you already know the subject or not doesn’t matter. Each teacher has his magic in explaining the main concepts and also the more the concepts are heard, according to tradition, the better it is for the yoga practitioner.

Kriyas: we will perform a daily cleaning of the nostrils. According to yoga, one of the main organs for the entry of prana, or vital energy into our body, is the nose. Hence the importance of keeping it clean.

Kirtan and mantra chants: on some occasions we will sing the typical mantras of the Sivananda tradition accompanied by musical instruments. The activity is fun and a great way to go to bed with a smile.

Daily schedule

6:00 – 6:30 – Meditation

6:30 – 7:00 – Kriyas & Te

7:00 – 9:00 – Asana and Pranayama

 9:00 – 11:00 – Free time

11:00 – 12:00 – Philosophy/ Ayurveda class

13:15 – 13:40 – Fruits

13:40 – 16:00 – Free time

16:00 – 18:00 – Asana Pranayama

18:45 – 19:15 – Dinner

retiro de yoga y ayurveda en Kerala India

What are you going to get from this experience?

– You will meet and learn from a great yoga teacher.

– You are going to know the day to day of an ashram.

– You are going to learn philosophy and Ayurveda from the hands of Indian teachers.

– You will learn about Indian culture.

– You are going to learn yoga tools that have been used for thousands of years and that will help you in your day to day.

– You are going to recharge your batteries with enough energy to take back the reins of your life.

Who is going to be with you during the program?

We are Silvia, Leo and Javi. We have been organizing yoga retreats around the world for 4 years. We unite our passions for traveling with yoga.

Our mission is to create transformational experiences through yoga  around the world.

Silvia Schipani will assist Bhoomaji during the classes and will lead the morning meditation. To learn more about her biography, click on this link: Silvia Schipani

Javier Beltrán is in charge of organizing the trip and will help you throughout the process prior to the trip and during your stay.

Leo is our 6-year-old son, who helps us on all our adventures around the world.

The three of us will be at your disposal before and during the trip for whatever you need.


If you make the reservation before December 15:

Shared double room: €1,085

Bed in bedroom: €985


For reservations after December 15:

Shared double room: €1,185

Bed in bedroom: €1,085


€50 discount for you and €50 discount for a friend when you sign up together

What includes:


– Full board accommodation for seven nights in an ashram.

– 8 days program, including yoga, meditation, Ayurveda and philosophy classes given by renowned Indian teachers.

– Advice before and during the trip from Silvia and Javi, who will accompany you throughout the program.

What is not included:

– We help you to find the flights if you want.

– Transfer from the ashram airport and vice versa. We help you hiring the transport.

– Travel insurance.

– Visa to enter India. We help you with the process.

– Any other concept that does not appear in the “what is included” section.

Your trip can change the life of another person

What if we told you that in addition to enjoying this great experience you could help to change the life of a girl in India?

We have set ourselves a challenge, to change the lives of 100 girls who live in rural areas of India through the “Empowering with bicycles” project of the Vicente Ferrer Foundation.

For each person who comes with us to our retreats, we will donate a bicycle to the project.

Why bikes?

Bicycles have enormous transformative power for teen girls in India: it allows them to continue studying. Many girls have to drop out at secondary school because their families think that it is not safe for them and that they spend a lot of time commuting so they prefer to stay at home.

The bicycle allows them to move quickly and safely because they prevent them from making the journey to school on foot and from being assaulted or intimidated.

Education is the only guarantee for women to grow in freedom and for their voice to be heard by society.

Plazas muy limitadas.

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